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Add Years to Your Life, And Life to Your Years... That is what Vitality Fitness can do for you! Imagine getting the benefits of working out, while feeling as comfortable as if you were in your own living room. At Vitality Fitness, we offer you the next best thing! When you visit our studio, you will enjoy working out in a friendly non-intimidating setting, with people just like yourself. If you've never belonged to a health club before, or have had a membership but felt like you didn't "belong", than Vitality Fitness is the place for you! The smaller and more intimate setting of our facility makes for a more comfortable and laid-back environment to take on your work-out, unlike those large commercial gyms that can sometimes be overbearing or daunting.

Vitality Fitness is a family owned business. Our certified personal trainers include the husband-and-wife-team owners of the studio as well as additional training staff. Personal training is our feature service at Vitality Fitness. Although we do offer a membership only option, we encourage you to take advantage of one of our many affordable personal training packages. This will better enable you to use your time in our studio, see results more quickly, and carry the knowledge of how to exercise with you forever!

At Vitality Fitness, we specialize in working with you and creating individualized training programs specific to your needs:

• Seniors
• Children
• Sport specific training
• Women after pregnancy
• Lifestyle changes for all

Local business people may want to take advantage of our lunch time workout! Stop by our studio during your lunch break for a work out and a shower

888 haddon ave . collingswood nj . 856 854 8000